Welcome to Schmuck Mountain

Schmuck Mountain is a newsletter about living in a cabin, written by me, Matt Koff.

Who the heck is Matt Koff?

Easy now. I’m a comedian and staff writer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I also wrote for the other one with Jon Stewart.

I used to do stand-up in New York City. Now I work remotely on the top of a mountain.

For real? You live in a cabin?!

Yes! After the pandemic afforded us the chance to work remotely, my wife and I decided to abandon the Citi-Bike ridden hellscape of Manhattan. So we tossed our cat in a suitcase and moved to a cabin in upstate NY.

Every Friday morning, you can expect a freshly written email about different aspects of cabin living, such as…

  • The dangers of snow shoveling

  • Choosing the right bear spray

  • Shopping for Antiques

And of course:




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Do you feel bad abandoning New York City?

Nope! I’m told Jerry Seinfeld thinks I should, but then again, he doesn’t know I exist. Weeee!

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