Should YOU Live On A Mountain?

“Wherever we go in the mountains,

we find more than we seek.

I once saw a dead body!”

– John Muir

“Why did you guys move to the sticks?” my mom will often ask. “Everyone I talk to, nobody can understand why you moved to the sticks.”

For clarification, when my mom says “everyone I talk to”, she means “five elderly Jews, three of whom are in Boca.”

Clearly, life in nature is not everyone’s cup of “sap” (a little forest humor). Heck, I wasn’t sure I would like it!

But after months of reading this newsletter, you may be asking yourself, “is dat mountain lyfe for ME?”

Here are some reasons you may want to consider Living on a Mountain:

  • You want to live on a hill, but bigger.

  • You love the taste of clean tap water. (“Hey buddy, NYC has the best tap water in the world.” Nope! NYC tap water is the NYC subway system of tap waters.)

  • You want to be near your parents, while also being virtually inaccessible to them because they lack all-wheel drive.

  • You’re a fan of dew.

  • You want to live somewhere so quiet, you can hear your cat snore. (Did you guys know my cat snores? I didn’t. It’s adorable.)

  • You’re the kind of person who likes that it’s still snowing on fucking April 23rd.

  • You’ve lived in New York City for 15 years, and unlike Jerry Seinfeld, you are 100% ready to abandon it. (Although maybe you’d feel differently if you too could hop in a Kleenex box and drive to your Hamptons estate anytime you felt like it.)


There’s a lot of antique stores in upstate New York. You’ll find a new discovery here every week!

This week’s antique is……..

NSFW ;-)